NCPR Product Conformity Guide

Since the launch of the National Construction Product Register (NCPR), NATSPEC has received continuous feedback from interested product suppliers and building practitioners who wish to use the tool to improve productivity and reduce risks of non‐conforming building products (NCBP) and products with fraudulent/insufficient evidence of conformity.

In response to high demand for a general education on product conformity and a clarification of the Acceptable Evidence of Conformity set out in the NCPR, NATSPEC has developed the NCPR Product Conformity Guide (the Guide), a suite of comprehensive education resources that helps product suppliers to achieve the requirements sought by the Australian industry practitioners. The Guide has been designed in a logical order to accommodate suppliers at different stages of their conformity pathway: whether suppliers are just interested in gaining general awareness of the Australian product conformity landscape; wanting to learn about specific conformity assessments; or needing an explanation of the types of Evidence of Suitability required to be listed in the NCPR, they will find the Guide useful.

The Building Confidence Report included some recommendations highlighting the importance of sharing of the construction information; building practitioners, state and territory jurisdictions and regulatory bodies’ collaborative responsibilities on product conformance; and compliance. As a government and industry owned, not‐for‐profit organisation, NATSPEC will disseminate the Guide to improve credibility and transparency to both Australian and international product suppliers who wish to positively contribute to the rapidly growing construction industry. We aim to encourage suppliers to be assessedby NATA/JAS‐ANZ accredited testing, inspection and conformity assessment bodies to the relevant Australian/international standards. The Guide contextualises the application of the NCPR and it enables more participation of eligible products in the register. Ultimately, it helps to improve confidence and add assistance to the building industry.

While the Guide does not bring the issue of NCBP to a close, it helps to raise the awareness of the importance of product conformity by all parties along the building product supply chain. For more information, please contact  . We welcome your feedback.