What standard should I seek for my preferred product?

The seemingly easy question does not have a quick answer. The National Construction Code (NCC) is implemented by the State and Territory governments in accordance with different local regulations; product manufacturers are unable to identify the end use of the manufactured goods; conformity assessment bodies may be unable to assist manufacturers to achieve product conformity; contractors may be misled about conformance to a standard with compliant use of a product ; while the building surveyor seems to be the last person to turn to, they are different for every project.

NATSPEC tracks and incorporates 2000 standards, regulations and codes. Some of our government and large contractor subscribers are also the specification reviewers to ensure NATSPEC reflects the most relevant practice. The National Construction Product Register (NCPR)accepts evidence of conformity to the important standards cited by NATSPEC.

The NCPR is a database for building practitioners. Product suppliers also use it as a guide. Since the launch, we have seen many suppliers benefit from the process. They have improved their document organisation, had products assessed to more relevant standards and even sought product certifications.

For more information, see NCPR Product Conformity information  .