Has the product you are using been assessed by an ACCREDITED

Accreditation of  testing laboratories and certification bodies by recognised authorities give the building industry the confidence that testing and/or conformity assessment has been made by a competent organisation. Product testing and/or conformity assessments can be conducted by a 1st party (manufacturer), 2nd party (purchaser) or 3rd party (independent body), including testing, inspection and certification.

The National Accreditation Testing Authority (NATA) is Australia’s peak national accreditation authority
for accrediting activities in testing and inspection. The Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS‐ANZ), is the government appointed authority for accrediting activities in inspection, management system, product certification etc. At the global level, accreditation bodies cooperate to reduce cross‐broader technical and trade barriers via Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) and
Multilateral Recognition Arrangements (MLA). Conformity assessments conducted by parties with accreditation from a Regional Accreditation Authority, such as NATA, are mutually recognised by all
other international signatory members through the relevant MRA and MLA.

As part of the National Construction Product Register (NCPR) checking procedure, we not only check the authenticity of a sampled submission of evidence of supporting testing and/or conformity with the Issuing Body, we also check that the Issuing Body has accreditation and list their accreditation number. See www.ncpr.com.au/conformity‐assessment‐bodies  .

Through the NCPR, we aim to raise the awareness of accreditation and encourage more manufacturers to seek conformity assessment and/or testing from accredited and reputable organisations.