Getting Listed

Product listing on the National Construction Register (NCPR) is open to manufacturers who can provide acceptable evidence of conformity   to relevant Australian or international standards. NATSPEC is not a conformity assessment body and relies on conformity assessment performed by others. NATSPEC undertakes to check the authenticity of documentary evidence of conformity with the issuing conformity assessment body.



We share an economy of scale to the suppliers who wish to demonstrate product conformity to the building industry.

$250/conformity evidence will be charged as a cost recovery fee by the NCPR for the 1st year from the date of listing. If you have more than 10 products (at each submission), a bulk listing fee will be offered to group the same type of products assessed to the same standard.

$250/product will be charged after the 1st year of listing if you wish to continue to be a part of the NATSPEC’s NCPR. This fee covers checking of the report’s validity, currency of standards and system maintenance.

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